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Zoho CRM User: Learn How to Master Sales Process Workflows

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What is Zoho CRM? 

Why are so many employers looking for people who have that skill? How do you use it? Is it a technology you would love enough to embark upon a career as a highly paid System Administrator, Consultant, Startup or consolidated business. 

Zoho CRM is a powerful cloud plantform and with it you can manage your entire team of sales, emails, documentation, calls, etc and you can integrate it with other Zoho apps and third party platforms through platforms like Zapir or using it advanced API.

Increase Your Sales and your Income With Easy to Follow Training

In this course you will learn the answers to all these questions, and gain the ability to confidently present yourself as someone who knows how to use this popular business tool. If you're already working at a company that has Zoho, you will finally learn how to apply best practices to get the most out of the tool and make your work life easier and perhaps even help you get that raise. 

If you're considering a new career that will greatly increase your income and have terrific job security even during recessions, then this course is the foundation you need to be able to master Zoho CRM successfully in your business or others people business, which will train you for both job performance and sales increases. Our company income doubled within just 7 months after we learned how to properly use Zoho CRM. We immediately realized we wanted to specialize in customizing the system, not just using it. 

Whatever your situation, this course will give you the opportunity to build competency with a pervasive business technology tool, Zoho CRM.

Other things you should know about this course: 

  • This course was created by Expert Trainers and Zoho Product Managers who deal with hundred of customer every week so that they have an impressive knowledge of the Zoho Ecosystem and Sales Business and it uses Advanced Learning Methodology to guarantee effective learning
  • This is a very complete non-nonsense course with over 50+ video units summing quality learning time.
  • Depending on your pace, time and skills it may take you a few days to complete this course if you do the exercises and are only working at it in evenings after work.
  • The course was created by Zenith Business School, the training business unit from SagitaZ Corporation a 100% Zoho Business oriented international corporation. 
  • We are Zoho Training and implementation experts with over 1000 Zoho implementation projects behind us in over 25 countries. 
  • Around 10 people work for about a year to create this course. Zoho CRM project manageres, developers, creative creators, instructors, etc, so there is an impressive amount of time and expert knowledge injected in this course.  

(Google "Zoho formacion" and you will see that we lead the space.) We are also registered Zoho Alliance Partners, Zoho Premium Partners and Consulting Partners, who have trained literally hundreds of new users just like you. We know that no matter how little you know now, you can absolutely learn to use this CRM if you are willing to do the effort.

If you need access to a Zoho CRM to do the exercises in because your current company does not have Zoho, you can sign up for Zoho CRM directly in our SagitaZ website - sagitaz(.)com - completely FREE. If you are considering purchasing Zoho at your company, use this link for a free 30-day trial.

About us: Zenith Business School

We are a professional and business online training company.

Visit our website zenith.school for more information about our postgraduated programms.

We currently offer three university degrees:

  • Zoho Sales & Marketing
  • Zoho Creator
  • Zoho Finance

You can also access these courses, where an official certification is issued, even if you don't have any university training, in which case a "Certificate of Achievement" will be issued.

Visit our website to get more information about our University Training Posgrade Programs and our Software & Consulting Services. We also have an impressive blog where we publish Zoho and Business Development articles on daily basis.

We hope you will enjoy this course and learn a lot in the process, and decide to also take some of our other courses. Be sure to always read our course announcements, so that you don't miss special promotions we offer on other courses, as well as knowing when we add new material to this course. 

Note: This course focuses on the brand new Zoho CRM launched in mid 2016 with the brand new user interface, it features dozens of new features that are explained in this course in a step y step manner.

Turn curiosity into a profession by learning what it is, what to do with it, and how to use it successfully.

Ready? Let's go! A great career and bigger Sales are waiting for you.

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