Super Simple Outlook 2013 for Beginners (micro course) -

Super Simple Outlook 2013 for Beginners (micro course)

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Are you new to Microsoft Outlook 2013? Do some course and guides leave you feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed right from the start? Super Simple Microsoft Outlook 2013 is a step-by-step guide, focusing only on the e-mail aspect of Outlook, it provides you with the tools necessary to quickly and easily get up and running. This guide gives keen absolute beginners like you the basic knowledge you need without spending hours learning advanced knowledge you don't.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Outlook Terminology
  • Launch Outlook on a Windows 8 computer
  • Launch Outlook on a Windows 7 computer
  • Close Outlook
  • Find your e-mails
  • Read an e-mail
  • Save an attachment
  • Print an e-mail
  • Save a message
  • Reply to an e-mail
  • Delete an e-mail
  • View deleted e-mails
  • Create a new e-mail message
  • Send an attachment
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • How to change your default language
  • Format your e-mail
  • Save a draft e-mail
  • Create a signature block
  • Add a signature block to an e-mail

Using videos, lesson notes, a Quick Reference Guide and quizzes you will learn the e-mail basics of Outlook 2013 in about an hour.

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