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Loose 15 Pounds in 14 days - Lose Water Weight Fast!

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Believe it or not, fitness models do not look completely shredded all of the time. Sure, fitness models may work out and diet to look good, but when it comes to the up coming days to a photoshoot, fitness models, both men and women fitness models, will spend 2 weeks of preparation to get SUPER LEAN! 

In this course I will show you a typical routine that fitness models use to get that lean physique in just 2 weeks. Now, I will have to tell you that the purpose of this routine is too look extra good for a particular day/event such as a photoshoot, or for any other special occasion such as a wedding, a date, or a day at the beach. You do not need to be a model to take this course, you can be just an every day person who needs to look good quick! 

Here's the good news and the bad news. The good news is this course is highly effective. If you need to look extra slim for a particular day then this course is especially for you. Now the bad news: the results from this course are not permanent, and this is why.

This course is directly involved with taking off water weight. You can lose a lot of water weight in these 2 weeks (I lost 15 pounds of water weight in 14 days!), but once this 2 week course is over you will most likely gain the water weight back when you go back to normal drinking and eating, which is OK! This course is designed for the purpose to look extra good for a special day. You can't lose 15 pounds of fat in 2 weeks, you can at most loose 3-4 pound of fat in 2 weeks, but this course will show you how to lose 15 pounds of water weight in 2 weeks, just for that special occasion.

This course will be working directly with your sodium and water intake. We will be manipulating your water weight with these two elements, and then we will also be working with your protein, carb, and fat intake to help give you that stealth look!

And having worked at GNC I will also suggest which supplements that you can take to help make your body look amazing! (If you do not want to take supplements, you do not have to, it is just a suggestion, but not mandatory)

After taking this course you will have lost a significant amount of water weight and I'll have you looking like a fitness model!

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