Introduction to SAP DMS Document Management System–SAP PLM -

Introduction to SAP DMS Document Management System–SAP PLM

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SAP Document Management System (SAP DMS) is used all the areas of a company. 

Regardless of your area of specialization in SAP, knowing how to customize the Document Management System can give you a real advantage. This is because in all departments of a company you have documents which you want to store in a system that can help you to:
   -    Store the documents in a secure storage
   -    Classify the documents based on different attributes
   -    Find your documents with only couple of mouse clicks
   -    Set authorization rules
   -    Link the document to different objects (ex: customer contracts in Sales Orders, work       instructions in Manufacturing Operations, Design Documents in the Bill of Material, etc)
   -    Check-In and Check-Out a document
   -    Create different versions and revisions of a document
   -    Record change history of a document 
   … and the list goes on and on.

This SAP Document Management System (SAP DMS) online course is something different from what you have seen so far. It has a practical approach to teaching you exactly what you need to know. The knowledge you will get from the course can be applicable in any area of SAP. 

If you want to learn more about SAP, specifically about managing documents, you are in the right spot. In this course, I will give you a practical hands-on training in SAP, from the business point of view. Let me explain what do I mean by that. Business point of view means that you will get real challenges that companies have. Hand on means that you will learn how to customize processes to solve those challenges.

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