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Learn Hidden Microsoft Word Tricks to become faster at work

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When I ask people at my training workshops how much do you know about Microsoft Word, I get a reply – I know it all. I don’t blame them. We think that word is all about writing or editing documents which we could learn by trying (remember you never needed a course for just typing)

What if I tell you that there are so many hidden techniques and tricks that will actually save 30-40% your current operating time. Maybe you don’t trust me. Let’s get to the point.

  • How do you avoid typing out frequently used text?
  • Do you know that your clipboard saves up to 24 instances (when you cut/copy)?
  • Do you struggle with creating a table of content, list of figures, etc?
  • How to you use mail merge by using data from excel?

I didn’t have an answer to all these questions when I started out (I too said – I know it all). However, after working and training professionals on these, I created a short series of hand-picked word trick specially meant for busy Microsoft Word users

This course is a 30-min no-nonsense fast-paced videos with 100% VALUE and a great way to find out word features you never use

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