Value Investing - Evaluate stocks like Warren Buffett -

Value Investing - Evaluate stocks like Warren Buffett

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Value Investing - Investing based on rationality and the intrinsic value

Learn how to be more succesful at the stock market by using the fundamental rules of value investing.

Value investors want to have to things: higher returns than the average investor, while at the same time having a much lower risk of losing their money. That's why they don't care about the stock chart or the price, but about the company behind the stock. You can learn this too, because it's based on just a few, very simple principles.

This course is for those people, that want to invest their money based on rationality and not based on emotions. For those, that really want to invest, and not just speculate. And for those, that always wanted to know, how Warren Buffett could achieve such an outstanding performance over such a long time.

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