Super Fun Ukulele Lessons for Kids | Mr. Uku and Friends -

Super Fun Ukulele Lessons for Kids | Mr. Uku and Friends




This course is all about getting to know the ukulele, falling in love with the instrument, and learning its basics in a fun and creative way.

Our objectives are:

  • Familiarizing with the ukulele

  • Identifying the parts of the ukulele

  • Proper posture and effective ways of pressing the strings

  • Basic downward strumming

  • Basic musical timing (steady beat)

  • Playing the C - F - G Chords

  • Chord chart reading

  • Playing 11 different children's songs, plus creating your own song.

  • Encouraging the habit of practicing playing an instrument

  • Building self confidence

  • Having fun!

Table of Contents

Episode 1 - Meeting Mr. Uku

Episode 2 - Parts of the Ukulele

Episode 3 - The Story of the Ukulele

Episode 4 - Strings and Frets Challenge

Episode 5 - Learning the Steady Beat

Episode 6 - Applying the Steady Beat on the Ukulele

Episode 7 - Which One is the Ukulele?

Episode 8 - The C Chord Chart

Episode 9 - Fun C Chord Challenge

Episode 10 - Reviewing and Playing the C Chord

Episode 11 - Finding the C Chord Chart

Episode 12 - The F Chord

Episode 13 - Creating Your Own Song Using C and F Chord

Episode 14 - The G Chord

Episode 15 - The G Chord Challenge

Episode 16 - The Concert Day

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