Master Excel Formulas, Tips & Tricks - Real-World Examples -

Master Excel Formulas, Tips & Tricks - Real-World Examples

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Master Excel Formulas, Tips & Tricks.

Learn to use Excel's Amazingly Powerful Formulas and the Tips and Tricks I've picked up over the past 20 years using Excel.

It doesn't take that much effort to go from someone barely proficient in utilizing Excel to become the Superstar at your organization. Being the Excel Guru has afforded me a lot of opportunities where I may not otherwise have the chance to participate.

We'll look at formulas, tips & tricks that I use almost every day while working.

I don't want this training to end there.

I'd like as much participation on your part as possible, letting me know exactly what problems you are having a tough time solving.

This way I can learn what issues you are having and cater the training to meet YOUR needs!

So what you are waiting for? Sign up right now and let's get started.

See you inside!

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