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Master Color in Photoshop CC



Welcome to the "Master Color in Photoshop CC"!

This course focuses on a role that color plays in photography medium.

We will target specifically photography, but the aspects of color we will discuss, closely relate to all branches of visual arts. We will start by examining the powerful impact that color has and it’s role in creating photographic artwork.

We will take a deep dive into color theory: we will talk about the color wheel - a visual system helping to organise colors, we’ll discuss the basic properties of color and the principles of color harmonies. Next we will focus on the meaning of color and its emotional impact.

The second part of the course addresses influence of color on photographic composition. We will discuss the role color plays in building Visual Weight and how we can create balance in photos by skilful color arrangement. You will learn how color is affected by light and its direction and what kind of action we can take to get desired results. We will close this section by looking at color’s importance in storytelling.

The third part of the course targets post processing techniques and tools that can be used to enhance colors in images. You will learn how to convert effectively a RAW file with the Photoshop plugin Adobe Camera Raw and how to improve it further in Photoshop. We will take a non-destructive approach to color correction that allows you greatest flexibility within your workflow.

In the final part of the course I will walk you through two complete color grading exercises. Here we will put into action the theory gathered from the previous sections. First we will be working with a female portrait and we will quite dramatically enhance colors in the image. We will apply the basic principles of complementary colors harmony.

The second image we will be working with is a male portrait, and we will color grade this photo to get a cool, silvery and airy look built with desaturated colors.

At the end of this course you will understand the strong impact that color has on your images. You will learn how to make conscious artistic decisions to enhance your artwork, based on color theory.
I will show you the most powerful Photoshop techniques that target color grading, starting from RAW conversion. We will work with high quality supporting materials, so you will be able to follow me along and progress in no time.

See you inside the course!

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