Complete Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Course for Beginners -

Complete Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Course for Beginners



Welcome to My own Course for Sony Vegas Pro !!!

So what is the Purpose of this course ? 

We all want to learn about Video editing in the Shortest Time Possible and at the same time Get a lot of skills in this small time ! so with my own compressed course in Sony Vegas Pro , you will learn all the skills you need to Start your own Way in Video editing and In shortest time possible .

So what are you going to learn in this course ?

1-Create a Project and Adding Media to Timeline.

2-Control Video Preview Settings.

3-Replace Audio in Your Video.

4-Add Animated Text to Your Video.

5- Hide Channel Logo  from Video.

6- Hide Someone's Face along a Video.

7-Showing only One Color in Video.

8-Remove Unwanted Part of Video.

9-Making a Ghost for Yourself.

10-Do Super Jump Effect.

11-Do Fade in and Fade Out  of video.

12-Control Opacity of Video.

13-Do Interference between 2 videos.

14-Control Velocity and Reverse a Video.

15-Speed Up and Slow Down a Video.

16-Replace Green Screen Using Chroma Keyer.

17- Resize and Rotate a Video.

18-Zoom in and out a Video.

19- Do more Than 25 Transitions.

20-Control Brightness and Contrast of Video.

21- Use Soft Contrast,Border and Camera Focus Effect.

22- Do Film Effects and Film Grain.

23- Do TV Simulator and Sony Sepia Effects.

24-Render and Save video.

And Finally The Trick which got me more than 30k Views on YouTube in Dragon Ball Z:

How to make Goku Super Saiyan White using Sony Vegas Pro and Changing his Transformation Color in any Color i want , You can use this trick in any Video you want to control specific color of it.

Actually there is more ! i will Give you Links to more than 1500 ready Templates instead of just Making your own also Professional and For completely free  .

In the end we are going to make an amv or an anime music video, you can find preview for the video in the course lectures.

Some of My students Reviews

Richard Lachen

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

"Best 1 hour course ever !!"

Muhammad Ibrahim

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

"keep up the good work ."


Rating: 5.0 out of 5

"Pretty Good."

Ahmed Ali Kamel Ahmed

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

"I really enjoyed this course , never thought I could learn Sony vegas video editing as quick as this, also i learned a lot of skills which certainly will help me quit using freelancers , now i can save money and do my editing as I would , also the templates which was provided really cool and I think I am gonna use them a lot , thanks for this great course , I give 5 so as to give us more courses. Highly recommended for anyone ."

So what are you waiting for ? Join Now and Start learning fast and easy !!

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