How to remember every password -

How to remember every password

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Find out why more than 18,00 people have signed up for this course  with zero marketing = all just word of mouth!

5 stars This was an exceptional course on a topic I've been struggling with for a couple of decades. I feel so relieved to have a SIMPLE, yet virtually unbreakable password that will work on every website I will ever visit. >>> The instructor is easy to understand and lays out the instructions in a step-by-step sequence. The voice delivery was slow; ideal if English is a second language; I listened at 1.8 speed. >>> I LOVED the course, and now have a skill that I will use FOREVER... which is a VERY long time! Kathryn K

5 stars Excellent! I've been trying find a consistent way of creating passwords for years, but couldn't quite figure it out. This course will set you on the correct path. Highly recommended! James S

5 stars This course offers something I can actually use in my life and make a significant change. Ashwin
5 Stars Excellent Syed B
5 stars Instructor is doing a great job Chris P
5 stars Comprehensive tutorial Walter L
5 stars It's good information Ganesh S
5 stars Good content Oran K
5 stars Password course was great! Bob S


There are three significant benefits to this course:

CONFIDENCE  It boosts self-confidence because you can now do something that you would have thought absolutely impossible. You will be able to memorise hundreds of website passwords with ease.

We tend to think that to create big changes in our live that we must do something radical. The opposite is the case. Tiny little one per cent changes can have a huge impact.  Every time you enter a wrong password your mind probably tells you that you are stupid. So right now you tell yourself that you are stupid five, six, seven times a day, every day, week after week, month after month, year after year. How do you think that is affecting every aspect of your life? It's like the constant sound of a dripping tap. Drip. Drip. Drip. "I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot." In one hour or less you can learn a technique that will stop the drip. Silence.

You waste so much time and energy. In fact if you spend just five minutes a day in trying to recall passwords that is the equivalent of nearly five weeks of your working life over 10 years!

Imagine that. You get up every day and from 9-5 all you do is enter incorrect passwords. This goes on for five weeks or more, with no let up. No weekend break. It would drive you insane. But because you lose a few minutes here and a few minutes there, you put up with it. The most precious thing you have is time. So this course is designed to help you on your way to becoming a time millionaire. 

If you use easy passwords or write them down them down, then you are operating on luck. One day your luck will run out. Then you could lose you data, your identity or your bank balance. The hackers are not targeting you specifically. They are like fishermen on an industrial trawler. They have huge nets designed to scoop up every fish in the sea.  You will just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The most secure place to store your passwords is in your head. Nobody can hack that. So take an hour of your precious time now. The technique is really simple and anyone can use it.

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