How to make your SAP project successful? -

How to make your SAP project successful?



After completing this learning you should have a good understanding of the challenges that a SAP Project Manager faces running a SAP project Knowledge and tools needed to make the project successful.

What will you get from the course?

  •  40+ Video lessons
  • Practice exercises
  • Test your knowledge quiz
  • Learning guide to make you a successful Project Manager

What will you learn?

The course will provide an completed introduction to SAP projects and how ot make a SAP project successful.  The scourse sis structured into the folloiwng learning topics.

The different SAP projects and their challenges

  • What is SAP?
  • The Myths and Facts of SAP Projects
  • What makes SAP projects special? 
  • Challenges when implementing SAP
  • Business expectations to SAP projects
  • Types of SAP Projects

How to make your SAP project successful

  • What makes a SAP Project successful?
  • What is a failed SAP Project?
  • What causes SAP Projects to fail?
  • When does SAP Projects most often fail?
  • What is the impact if a SAP project fail?
  • How to make your SAP project successful?
  • The Project Manager
  • The extended constraints of Project Management
  • The new way of implementing SAP

Everyone involved in SAP projects as either a Consultant, Team lead or as Project Manager will benefit for the course

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