How -To Buy a Domain and Hosting For Newbies -

How -To Buy a Domain and Hosting For Newbies



Buying A Domain Name and Hosting

If you want to build a website, you'll need to have a domain name and hosting.

It even the thought of that seems a bit daunting, this course is for you. We'll cover everything you'll need to know about buying a new domain name and website hosting... And connecting them together.

Aimed at website total beginners Tony covers things slowly so you won't get overwhelmed.

We'll Cover:

  • Domains
  • TLD's
  • Hosting
  • DNS Transfer
  • Cpanel's
  • Installing
  • ... & you'll understand all of the terminology too!

Once you go through this course you will be able to connect a new domain name to your hosting account to anytime you want to.

Bonus Content
I'll also show you how to install wordpress at the end too!
With that step you can start building a website.

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