How Many

How Many "Megapixels" Do You Really Need?



Most photographers today have cameras that are not a good fit for their type of photography.  They purchased their cameras based on biased reviews they saw on the Internet without giving adequate consideration to the fundamental question - "How Many Megapixels Do I Really Need?"

This course will help you to optimize your photography by enabling you to find your "megapixel sweet spot".  By having a camera with just the right number (and type) of pixels, you'll not only save time and money, but you'll also put the fun back into your photography! 

Here's the course outline:

1.  Introduction & Course Overview

2.  What are Pixels, Megapixels & Sensors?

3.  Can you have too many (or too few) Megapixels?

4.  What is your "Megapixel Sweet Spot"?

Bonus Video -  Want to "Triple" your cameras' megapixels?


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