Financial Analysis with Python - Analysing Balance Sheet -

Financial Analysis with Python - Analysing Balance Sheet

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Welcome to Analysing Balance Sheet with Python.

During the course, we will learn how to automate financial data retrieval from an API and to automate financial Analysis using Pandas and Python. Below are the main areas that we will cover during this course:

  1. Retrieving financial data using API

  2. Cleaning up data and prepare it for analysis

  3. Plotting Balance Sheet data using Matplotlib and Plotly

  4. Comparing Balance Sheet of multiple companies within an industry using Python

  5. Analysing companies Account Receivables using Python

  6. Analysing companies Liquidity using Python

  7. Analysing companies Solvency using Python

  8. Analysing companies Inventory using Python

Note: We will retrieve financial data through an API. The API offers 250 monthly calls per month free. This may be enough to follow along the course but in order to perform your own analysis, a monthly subscription may be required.

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