Intro to Financial Analysis and Managerial Accounting! -

Intro to Financial Analysis and Managerial Accounting!

Finance & Accounting


The purpose of this course is to teach you how to perform detailed financial analysis of a business’ (or your company’s) financial situation. This is Intro to Financial Analysis but covers the main topics of Cost / Managerial Accounting.

This course will show you where to focus your analysis and energy but will require you to dig into the financial--both the actual transactions and budget--to come up with the reason why things are happening.

We will work through this Google Sheet together (see course for link).

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding costs and profit

    • The difference between variable costs and fixed costs

    • Contribution/Unit Margin, Total Margin or Profit

  • Understanding break-even

    • How many units do I need to sell to make sure I’m not losing money?

  • Difference between profit and cash

    • Why is cash king?

  • Basics of budgeting and forecasting for a business

    • Should I start this business?

  • Basics of variance analysis

    • Why didn’t I make as much money as I thought I would have?

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