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21 Hacks to Sleep Faster Tonight-Sleep faster longer better

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If you want to find practical and easy ways to sleep faster, this course is for you!

Through these 21 sleep hacks you'll learn all the techniques required for you to succed with your sleep!

These techniques have helped me reach complete relaxation at night before my races and I wish it can also impact your life in a positive way.

I believe sleep is the foundation of health and happiness eventhough we(and me incuded) oftentimes forget about this.

Let me halp you get yourself from zero to hero in Sleep Haacking!

Prepare yourself fully before tackling these techniques

If you’ve tried these methods and are still finding yourself unable to fall asleep in 15 minutes or less, see if there are other tips you can take to make your bedroom a more sleep-friendly place.

Have you tried…

    1. Taking some deep diaphragmatic breathing

    2. Apply some guided meditation with a phone app or mp3 player

    3. Hiding your clock

    4. Taking a warm shower or warm bath before bed

    5. Opening the window to keep your room cool

    6. Wearing socks if feeling too cold or going naked if too warm

    7. A gentle 15-minute yoga routine

    8. Placing your phone far away from your bed

    9. Aromatherapy (lavender, chamomile, or clary sage)

    10. Eating earlier to avoid stomach digestion or stimulation before bed

    11. Practice a speech while walking around your bedroom to tire yourself nicely

    12. Consider having a hot drink before going to bed, such as a hot decaf tea or chamomille

    13. Do some stretching or pilates exercise on a foam roller

    14. Get a massage from your partner or from a family relative

    15. Think about having some sex with your partner or solo sex to relax nicely both of you

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